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Udrive is the first car sharing provider in the Middle East that provides car rental by the minute.

Locate a car through our mobile app to access and drive them after you have registered with us. End your trip at your destination and only pay for the time you used the car, including fuel and RTA public parking (Zones A, B, C & D).

Where can I find a car?

Our cars are spread all over Dubai. You can view them even without registering by downloading our mobile app.

Where can I park?

You can park in the RTA Parking Zones A, B, C and D and any unlimited free parking. The free parking needs to be uncovered and have unlimited access for anyone (e.g not in communities).

How much are the costs?

We only charge 40 Fils per minute for A to A trips and 50 Fils for A to B trips. This includes fuel, unlimited kilometers and RTA parking in zone A, B, C and D. Any Salik costs or Fines are billed separately depending on your usage and cause.

How do I refuel the car?

You can refuel our cars at any EPPCO or ENOC Petrol Station in the UAE without payment. We get the bill. You get 20 minutes free drive if the petrol level was under 25% at the time of refueling.

Why Udrive?

  • can get a car whenever you need
  • can get a car wherever you need
  • can end your trip at any location within the city
  • don’t need to pay for fuel or public parking
  • can unlock the car with your mobile or membership card

How it works?