Admin Fees, Fines and Penalties

*All prices in AED and effective from April 21st, 2021.

Cleaning Penalties

Tier 1

Trashing the car with dry litter: – 

  • Dry trash
  • Dirt on seats or floormats
  • Dry Items that produce odor or unhygienic

100 AED

Tier 2

Trash, stains, or items which require time and effort to clean the car.

Pet hair, cigarette ash, food that stains the seat or the interior.

Wet trash etc

100 AED – 400 AED

Tier 3

Requires deep cleaning internal and/or external.

Stains in multiple areas of the car, hard to clean stains, liquid stains, wet food stains, trashing cars with odor-causing items

450 AED

*Udrive reserves the right to impose a cleaning penalty of any tier based on its discretion.  

Other Penalties

Drained battery 

(Due to leaving the headlights on) 

300 AED

Drained + Replacement of battery 

300 AED Or Actual cost of battery

Returning the Car with Low Fuel (Less than 15%)

100 AED

Lost Keys 

Up to 2000 AED

Unsecured Vehicle  

  • Door Open 
  • Key in the ignition 
  • Trunk (boot) is open 
  • Windows are open

125 AED

Smoking inside the vehicle (additionally the above charge of excessive cleaning will be applied, if required)

500 AED

Parking Penalties

Relocation fee if the trip has ended in the operating city of the car

  • Mall parking, valet parking, underground parking, parking in private parking lots.

200 AED

Relocation fee if the trip has ended outside the city of the car. 

Eg: Started in Dubai ended in Abu Dhabi 

350 AED

*Please refer to our Parking structure 

Road side Assistance fees/ Towing and recovery fee

Flat fee for roadside assistance due to user error such as running out of gas, getting stuck in sand

350 AED

Excess loss of use/loss of revenue per day 

  • Due to delayed police report, impounded vehicle, vehicle not usable by customers fault

Actual daily rental price of the car

Excess amount in case of accident (Please note that Udrive reserves the right to charge damage according to its own judgment) 

Up to 4000 AED 

Excess amount in case of accidents with the driver under 25 years or unauthorized driver 

4500 AED +20% of the total claim

Excess amount in case of accidents (Total loss) 

4500 AED 


Monthly membership 


Application / Joining fee 


Trip fee 


Sanitization fee 


Admin fee for fines less than or equal to 200 AED 

50 AED 

Admin fee for any fines between 201 AED to 1000 AED 

100 AED 

Admin fee for any fines greater than or equal to 1001 AED 

200 AED 

Admin fee for salik 

1 AED 

Udrive Intercity fee for using Abu Dhabi fleet in Sharjah/Ajman and vice versa 

375 AED 

Additional fees

In case of an accident, an additional fee for not providing a police report will be charged 

500 AED 

If the car is impounded by the police or any other government authorities, Udrive shall levy an admin fee, towing charges. 

Admin fee+ Towing charges + Actual penalty and/or Fine

Roadside Assistance fees/ Towing and recovery fee

Flat fee for roadside assistance due to user error such as running out of gas, getting stuck in sand, causing 

350 AED